Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential.
It is important that you look after your hearing aids and clean them regularly. This will prolong their life and make sure they are in good working order when you come to use them. If they are not maintained this can lead to poor performance and even breakdown.

Cleaning your Hearing Aids

As a general rule, clean your hearing aids and ear pieces each day with a soft, dry cloth or clean tissue. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your aids. Do not use water, cleaning fluids, solvents or alcohol, as these could damage your hearing aids.

Before handling a hearing aid, make sure that you will be holding it over a soft surface to avoid damage if you drop it.

We have provided a series of basic user and maintenance videos to help you which are COMING SOON in this section.  Of course, if you have any specific concerns or issues then please get in touch with your local Sound Advice Hearing Centre.

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