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Mrs Osbourne

May 2022

Written Testimonials

Hi Lorraine and Derrick, I just want to thank you both for the wonderful response to my recent dilemma. Although I have used you now for many years and know full well how good you are, even I was surprised at the speed and willingness you both showed in response to my call for urgent help. It was immediate, unequivocal and without hesitation. My hearing is now back to its usual good self thanks to you both. That is what I call SERVICE! Thank you so very much and long may you look after my hearing needs.
Jeff D
May 2024
Morning everyone in the Kings Lynn Centre. Just wanted to thank you Karen, Gemma and Neil for your kind welcome to Morag and me. My new hearing aids are astonishing and are giving me a new lease of life!! Their performance exploits the powerful versatility of digital technology-my great delight was hearing in detail classical music tone colours and a full sound of the instruments. Travelling in the car is less stressful as I listen to Morag’s briefing me on what we have to do next in the house! Similarly, the coffee shop -clear and relaxed listening. Really kind and helpful. Do have a good weekend and see you all next Wednesday. All the very best
April 2024
Good afternoon I am writing to say how grateful I am for the service from Tracy and her colleagues at your Lincoln Branch in relation to my mother, Brenda. Tracy has been very helpful, ensuring that I understood what needed doing to resolve the difficulties my mother has been having, proposing a way to deal with them, following through with the practical arrangements, and keeping me informed at each stage. In short, she has provided excellent service. Your faithfully
April 2024
A very professional, thorough and friendly service. I have been several times and have always been very pleased with the outcome.
Mrs D Brooks
October 2019
I went into the Southport centre with very little in the way of clear hearing and I came out after my fitting with hearing that I haven't experienced since I was in my twenties. Thank you Lee, it was a very pleasant experience from start to finish.
Mr. G. Banks
September 2019
I have come away from my wax removal treatment at Sound Advice very happy indeed. Everything was very thoroughly explained and I felt at ease the entire time. Not dreading the future procedures should I need them and I would certainly recommend Sound Advice to all my friends suffering with blocked ears.
Mr. R. Cox
April 2019
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service and advice you gave me to choose hearing aids for my needs. They have made a great difference to the quality of my hearing and I would not hesitate in recommending and purchasing from you again in the future
A Pride
July 2018
I have been visiting sound advice hearing at Kings Lynn for 6 years now. They have always looked after me so well, ever since the very first appointment they have taken care of Hearing Tests, hearing aids and any problems I may have had. Recently I was looking to upgrade my hearing aids and Anne helped me with selecting my new GN Resound Lynx 9 ric aids I had them on trial for 2 weeks to see how much of a difference they might make. They were great from day one. They have been quite life changing for me! Everyone has noticed I have had a remarkable improvement with my hearing during group situations and can hear so much more of the conversations. The functions they have to use with my i phone are fantastic. When listening to music and TV the sound quality is so much better! I'm so pleased with Sound Advice and my new hearing aids, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them to any hearing aid user. Great service! Great product!
Ellen Hickey
January 2017

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