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A very professional, thorough and friendly service. I have been several times and have always been very pleased with the outcome.

Mrs D Brooks
October 2019

I have been visiting sound advice hearing at Kings Lynn for 6 years now. They have always looked after me so well, ever since the very first appointment they have taken care of Hearing Tests, hearing aids and any problems I may have had. Recently I was looking to upgrade my hearing aids and Anne helped me with selecting my new GN Resound Lynx 9 ric aids I had them on trial for 2 weeks to see how much of a difference they might make. They were great from day one. They have been quite life changing for me! Everyone has noticed I have had a remarkable improvement with my hearing during group situations and can hear so much more of the conversations. The functions they have to use with my i phone are fantastic. When listening to music and TV the sound quality is so much better! I'm so pleased with Sound Advice and my new hearing aids, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them to any hearing aid user. Great service! Great product!

Ellen Hickey
January 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service and advice you gave me to choose hearing aids for my needs. They have made a great difference to the quality of my hearing and I would not hesitate in recommending and purchasing from you again in the future

A Pride
July 2018

I went into the Southport centre with very little in the way of clear hearing and I came out after my fitting with hearing that I haven't experienced since I was in my twenties. Thank you Lee, it was a very pleasant experience from start to finish.

Mr. G. Banks
September 2019

I have come away from my wax removal treatment at Sound Advice very happy indeed. Everything was very thoroughly explained and I felt at ease the entire time. Not dreading the future procedures should I need them and I would certainly recommend Sound Advice to all my friends suffering with blocked ears.

Mr. R. Cox
April 2019

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