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Exposure to noise recreationally or at work can cause irreversible hearing damage. It is one of the commonest health problems and can be difficult to detect as the effects build up gradually over time.
Throughout all industry, industrial hearing loss remains the occupational disease with the highest number of civil claims accounting for about 75% of all occupational disease claims.

Under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 the aim is to ensure workers’ hearing is protected from excessive noise at their place of work, which could cause them to lose their hearing and / or to suffer from tinnitus. The level at which employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones is 80 decibels and the level at which they must assess the risk to workers’ health and provide them with information and training is now 80 decibels.

Noise Protection

We have all been told it at some point in our lives – ‘Prevention is better than the cure’. So we, at Sound Advice Hearing, have put a lot of emphasis and resource into in to providing a wide range of hearing protection.

We provide hearing protection for all kinds of applications from motor racing, musicians, for industry and different types of shooting protection. Remember, when it’s gone it’s gone! – Lose the noise not your hearing.

By visiting one of our centres we can discuss the correct solution for your particular needs. Custom made hearing protection gives the wearer the best comfort and isolation for extended usage.

Hearing Protection Products some of the more popular types that we provide:

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS)

The next generation in gunshot hearing protection continues with the CENS ProFlex DX series electronic module, combined with unique multi-softness custom fit earpieces. Every device is custom made to fit the individual’s ear contours, making them compact, lightweight and super comfortable.  They are available in a wide range of models, styles and colours, with options available for every shooter, in every discipline.

All CENS products are rigorously CE tested to EN352-2 & EN352-7 levels, certified as PPE; they are also IPIL tested to ANSIS 12.42-2010. They come with a 2-year warranty as standard.  All models come with a Water-Shield bio-compatible coating protecting them from accidental liquid exposure


The DX5 features 5 digitally optimised modes: Game, Clay, Range, Wireless Comms and Hunter, as well as a dedicated mute function. It comes with a digital multi-switch which can be used to change the mode and the volume.  It comes with Auto-Save, which means you can pick up where you left off even once they are switched off. Another excellent feature is Vocal Feedback meaning that the product verbally announces the current mode as you change through them. It will alert you when you are at Min or Max volume levels and also when the battery becomes low and critical.


The DX5 features 3 digitally optimised modes: Game, Clay and Tactical along with the dedicated mute function.  The DX3 comes with the same digital multi-switch as on the DX5 model along with Auto Save.  Another standard feature is Vocal Feedback providing verbal announcements to indicate which current mode you are on along with volume and battery indicators.


The DX1 is the entry level product offering great protection at an affordable price.  The DX1 features a digitally optimised mode for general shooting.  It comes with a digital volume control and a dedicated power button.

The CENS® ProFlex is also suitable for use with both rifle and shotgun shooters.  Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these digital, ultra soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over long durations, whilst still providing the excellent suppression you expect from CENS® digital.  The electronic module is removable making cleaning a simple effective operation.


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